Learn how to do this super sexy “Katie step” in 6 mins


Firstly, huge thanks to you for wishing me and my bump well recently, I’m so grateful for your warm wishes 🙂

You probably already know that I am a huge fan of “Golden Age”, or as I call it “Vintage”, bellydance. The glamour and film star quality of those dancers just gets me every time with it’s understated elegance.

Trying to emulate in incorporate that into my own dancing has been a scary and intimidating process. After all, most of the dancers from the era of classic Egyptian film are no longer around to teach us their moves.

Plus, these ladies were film stars, not teachers. In fact the idea of “teaching” bellydance is a relatively new concept.

This week I want to try to break through the mystery of one of these black and white beauties and teach you a gorgeous move that I’ve studied from the utterly adorable dancer Katy Voutsaki.

This is a super sexy step that looks and feels ultra feminine and powerful at the same time. What could be better?!

Are you ready to add a luscious move to your repertoire? Here we go!


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