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Hip drop sequence – belly dance

Do you struggle to think of ideas for moves when choreographing a belly dance routine?

Today I’m going to help you get unstuck by proving that choreographing doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ll be looking at the mother of all belly dance moves (and probably the first belly dance technique you were taught). Of course, it’s the hip drop!

Many of my students worry about their routines looking too simple. The anxiety that this fear generates then promptly leads to choreographer’s block and then a dip in confidence. Not good! 👎

With this class, my hope is to give you the confidence to take “basic” belly dance moves and be creative with them. You are more creative than you think!

Choreography inspiration – a study in hip drops

In today’s express belly dance class I’ll teach you a very cute belly dance hip drop combination, step by step.

If you keep clean technique, maintain perfect timing and sport an engaging expression, you’ll easily look like a pro!

Thank you so much for watching, I’d love to know what you think! Be sure to leave a comment under the video on YouTube.

Your belly dance assignment

Master your technique and timing with the combo. Pay special attention to the transitions between the different hip drops – keep it seamless.

Then, use this combination in your own routine and see where it takes you! This style of combo is also great to pull out of your tool kit when your improvising and is perfect to weave into your balady performance. Use it as one of your “go to” moves!

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Thank you so much for reading and being here 🙏.

Happy dancing to you, with love and shimmies,

Helen xx

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