Summer belly dance workout 🌻☀️🐝

Come into my belly dance garden! It was a beautiful day when I came to film this workout, so I just had to take it outside 🌳

In today’s class I’m giving you a progressive belly dance workout focusing on the waist. It’s really important for us bellydancers to keep the sides of our body strong and supple.

I’ve packed a LOT into this session and you can expect to find:

  • Detail on technical elements of smooth and sharp moves
  • Drills on each of the movement components
  • Combinations and variations of the moves
  • I even include a warm up and brief coll down too!

The bonus “side effect” of repeating these kinds of moves is that we end up with a nice toned waist – woo hoo! (Although the main aim of this is to gain max enjoyment from your dancing ad feel good from the inside.)

I hope you enjoy it! Let’s get started …

[Video live 13 June]


Your belly dance assignment

I challenge you to take this class at least 4 times a week for a month! I promise you that you will feel stronger and more supple along the sides of your body (you may even notice a change in the contours of your torso). I’d love to know how you get on, be sure to leave a comment on the main YouTube page and let me know.

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Thank you, as ever, for reading and watching.

Love and shimmies,

Helen xxx

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