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Daily bellydance drill for those with no time or space to practice

daily bellydance drill

Practice guilt: that feeling when days, weeks (even months) go by and, besides your regular class, your hips don’t see the inside of a hip belt.

The thing is, we know that the only way to stay on track with our bellydance dreams is to be consistent with our practice. Today I want to kick our practice guilt to the kerb so it can never haunt us again.

It sounds so easy: “being consistent with your practice”. But the truth is that life gets in the way and we don’t have the time, space, or head-space to whip through even a short practice session on a regular basis at home or on our travels.

This week my aim is to help you see how easy it is to elegantly squeeze even a short, yet effective, practice sesh into your day. I’m giving you a neat lil  practice drill (like under 4 mins) that you can do when you have virtually zero time and zip space.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to do the drill every day for 30 days – it will only take 3 and a half minutes a day! Then see how your legs, arms and hips feel. Good luck!

(if you feel like you want to do it twice a day – that’s cool too!)

This week I hope that I can help you say bye bye to “practice guilt” and  hello to your bellydance-ready mind and body.

As usual, I’d love to know what you think so do leave a comment below. And of course I’d be uber appreciative if you were to share this with your BFFs (that’s bellydance friend for life ;))

Thanks for reading, I really do feel lucky to have your attention on my little blog right now.

Hugs and hipdrops,
Helen x

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Pps. Did you catch last week’s post all about how to create a duet that smashes it out of the park? Here it is again.


How to choreograph a bellydance duet that ROCKS

how to create duets ta rock-1

What could be better than rocking your own bellydance performance? Rocking that performance alongside one of your best bellydance buddies of course!

We all love the idea of teaming up with our bff for double the sparkly fun, but what does it take to actually create a bellydance duet that smashes it out of the park?

In this week’s blog, I’ll give you the low-down on

  • how to get your duet off to the best start as well as make sure you get it finished
  • teaming up with the right duet partner in the first place
  • how to make sure you’ll both pull your weight as a team (so you don’t end up getting p’d off with each other!)
  • how to get off the ground with your own choreography
  • 4 choreographic concepts that you can use in your duet (plus I’ll show you real examples of dancers doing them)
  • how NOT to go about choreographing your duet

So go ahead, dive in and get the scoop …

For many of us it’s back to school time which means taking on new projects. Will a duet be one of yours this term? If so, I hope that this week’s vlog helps you get off to the best possible start 🙂

And of course I’d be so grateful if you were to share it with all your friends.

Once you’ve had a look at the tutorial, I’d love to know: what are your tips on creating a duet? What were the struggles you came across and how did you overcome them? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,

Love and shimmies,
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