Welcome to the Santa Maria Bellydance Academy

  • Would you like to swap spreadsheets and team meetings for snake arms and shimmies?
  • Are you ready to go from getting the kids’ tea to getting your hip circle on?
  • Are you curious to know how to bellydance? (like I was many years ago)

If you’ve always dreamed of learning how to bellydance, we’re here to help. At the Santa Maria Bellydance Academy we have a team of passionate, caring expert bellydance coaches to help you get your sparkle on by teaching you to bellydance, step-by-step.

Our bellydance courses range from beginner to advanced with a focus on fun and achievable tuition. We know it can be nerve-wrecking to come to your first class, so don’t worry – we’ll be gentle on you.

Everyone is welcome to our classes, there’s no such thing as being too old, too “curvy” or too  shy to become a bellydancer.

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Bellydance courses and classes are held in Reading and Thatcham, near Newbury, Berkshire, UK. See our FAQs page here.


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