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Daily bellydance drill for those with no time or space to practice

daily bellydance drill

Practice guilt: that feeling when days, weeks (even months) go by and, besides your regular class, your hips don’t see the inside of a hip belt.

The thing is, we know that the only way to stay on track with our bellydance dreams is to be consistent with our practice. Today I want to kick our practice guilt to the kerb so it can never haunt us again.

It sounds so easy: “being consistent with your practice”. But the truth is that life gets in the way and we don’t have the time, space, or head-space to whip through even a short practice session on a regular basis at home or on our travels.

This week my aim is to help you see how easy it is to elegantly squeeze even a short, yet effective, practice sesh into your day. I’m giving you a neat lil  practice drill (like under 4 mins) that you can do when you have virtually zero time and zip space.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to do the drill every day for 30 days – it will only take 3 and a half minutes a day! Then see how your legs, arms and hips feel. Good luck!

(if you feel like you want to do it twice a day – that’s cool too!)

This week I hope that I can help you say bye bye to “practice guilt” and  hello to your bellydance-ready mind and body.

As usual, I’d love to know what you think so do leave a comment below. And of course I’d be uber appreciative if you were to share this with your BFFs (that’s bellydance friend for life ;))

Thanks for reading, I really do feel lucky to have your attention on my little blog right now.

Hugs and hipdrops,
Helen x

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Vintage style bellydance: how to get effortlessly elegant arms

How is it that some dancers seem to be able to just get up, dance and look effortlessly fabulous and elegant?

What do they do? how do the do it? and how can I do it too?!

The truth is that these kind of accomplished-looking dancers have “go to” movements. These are certain moves and actions that are adaptable enough to use during improvisation in ways that don’t look obvious and repetitive.

If you aspire to improvise with confidence and ease then this tutorial is definitely for you. In this week’s video I’ll show you an easy, super sleek and elegant vintage-inspired technique that anybody can do with virtually any move.

I’ll be giving you a “go to” action to do with your arms that instantly makes pretty much all your moves look classy with that hint of vintage glam. This one has really helped me out, particularly when it comes to improvisation.

I’ll also explain why this move works so well and help you understand the subtle differences in stylization which (to me at least) make this action “vintage”.

Be sure to watch right to the end where I show you two simple ways to use this technique to full effect.

WARNING: side effects of engaging with this simple technique include heightened feelings of femininity, confidence and sexiness (yes, I said sexiness in relation to bellydance, I think we’re allowed to every now and then 😉 )

Click to dive into today’s tutorial – see you in class!


Thanks for watching, I’d love to know how you got on with the tutorial so be sure to post a comment below. Did you try out the technique? Did it work for you? I’d love to know 🙂

Hugs and hipdrops,

Helen x

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