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Get smokin’ hot with this full bellydance warm up!

Full Bellydance Warm Up(1)

We’re half way through term here at the SMBA mothership in Reading, the classes are just flying by!

I hope you are getting stuck into your classes wherever you are. In this week’s blog I’m talking about the one thing that will make sure you get the absolute best out of your class.

Read on to find out what the secret sauce is …

Like eating our greens, we know we’ve gotta do it. It’s good for us, makes us feel better in the long run and there are no short cuts.


Practice is the key to enjoying your dance to the full and pushing past frustration. I’ll be completely real with you: there is no substitute or way around that. Thinking about it, intending to do it, watching it, knowing how to do it is, unfortunately, not enough.

I’m pretty passionate about this topic because there’s nothing that bums me out more than seeing my students get frustrated with themselves when they struggle with mastering a move or perfecting their posture.

Perhaps it happens to you too? The only thing to do in this situation is not to think about it, but to DO it.

Once you get started you’ll find that a little bit of regular, independent practice will help you get past those little niggles with your dancing.

So in this week’s video, I’m going to lead you through a full bellydance warm up to help you get the blood flowing, get your dance mojo going and help you to get your practice session going!

Come on, let’s get sweaty together …

I hope you enjoyed this week’s video, be sure you leave a comment below on youtube and of course give it a thumbs up so I know you dig this kind of thing for future vids!

Thank you for reading and watching, I truly am grateful.

With love and shimmies
Helen xx

Ps. Local student alert! Make sure you check out the workshops and events page of the site. There are a couple of things on there I think you’ll really love.

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How I quit my day job to go pro

How to quit your day job

Wow, it’s been a whlie since I got busy with a new blog post and I’m sooooo happy to be writing and filming for the first time this year.

I didn’t intend on having an extended break from my blog but I’m happy to say that we are expecting another addition to our family this Summer and I’ve had two months of grotty old morning sickness! It slowed me up a bit but, happily, I’m feeling a bit better now so things are getting back to normal 🙂

Today I want to talk to you about going pro. Now, whether or not ditching your day job to be a full-time bellydancer is one of your dance dreams, I think you’ll enjoy this week’s video.

In today’s blog I’ll give you the checklist of things I did (and didn’t do) which, I believe, gave me a fighting chance of fulfilling my dream to bellydance full time.

(and no, I didn’t have someone at home paying the bills)

I’ll tell you now, some of these will not be what you expect!

Dive in now and hear how I managed to go from clueless to clued up, quit my day job and go pro:

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Do you have a bellydance dream you’d like to reach this year? Here at SMBA we do our absolute best to help our students smash their dance goals. Once again we have a cohort of students ready to take my exam prep workshops and video assignments and then take an IDTA exam in May.

If you like the idea of gaining a student exam in bellydance then you might want to check it out as we still have some (limited) places left on the coaching programme. The closing date to sign up is 14th March, that’s just 4 weeks away!

Thanks for reading, see you next time

With love and shimmies,
Helen x

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