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Belly dance moves: 3 fierce level changes

3 Fierce Level Changes

Spring is on the way (at least here in the UK) and it always gets my creative belly dance juices flowing!

Many belly dancers, as well as other creatives, use the idea of seasons to give a rhythm to their creative projects.

This week I’m going to harness the inspirational, creative, energetic vibe of Spring with a quick hit of ideas for you.

We’ll be using a much under-used move in bellydance: the level change!

As usual, I’ll give you tons of tips on technique and plenty of trouble shooting. I’d love to know if you enjoyed the class, be sure to leave a comment on the Youtube page 👩‍💻 Thank you! 🙏🏼

Your Assignment

Take the class and perfect your technique. That means maintaining correct posture and keeping control throughout. I know you can do it! Commit to the practice time and go for it. It may take a few weeks or so to build the strength but you’ll feel so proud when you see yourself rocking it!

Thank you, as ever, for reading and joining in. Happy dancing!

Love and shimmies,

Helen xx

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Abdominal technique for belly dance – how to drill it right!

Belly dance abdominal technique

Belly dance abdominal technique

Hands up who wants strong, impressive belly dance abdominal moves 🙋‍♂️ 🙋‍♀️

I’m back! Welcome to my first blog post of 2019 🎉 I’m so happy to be back filming and creating express free classes for you once again.

Today we’re going to work on powering up the muscles required for jaw-dropping belly dance abdominal technique. (We belly dancers need something a little more bespoke than a few sit ups and crunches.)

So, if you’d like to refine, strengthen and elevate your belly dance ab work, you’re in the right place! You need a little basic “equipment” for this one. Don’t worry, nothing scary 😜

Thank you so much for joining me for this week’s express class! Be sure to join the conversation, leave me a comment on YouTube and let me know what you think! I LOVE to hear how you’re doing on your belly dance journey.

Your assignment

Take 10 minutes or so out of your day TODAY and complete the drill with me. Be sure to keep good posture and form. Then, I’d love for you to take on the challenge of doing this on a daily basis for 30 days. I promise that you will start to notice muscles you never know you had. Plus, your balance and stability will improve too. Win win! 🙌

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Thank you so much for reading and being here 🙏.

Happy dancing to you, with love and shimmies,

Helen xx