10 Songs Every Bellydancer Should Know

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I take my blog highly seriously, so I was thinking carefully about what to offer you at this time of year before I sign off for the Summer.

Then, just as I was sending out some resouces to my students, it seemed blindingly obvious what to assign you this time .

It’s the perfect time to sit back with a gin and tonic (or mocktail if you prefer) and connect with some beautiful, heart-stopping bellydance music.

If you’ve never researched bellydance music for yourself before, don’t worry, we all have to start somewhere! Even if you’ve been bellydanicng for a long time, it’s never too late to start exploring.

You might be wondering: where do I start?

Well, I suggest getting on the google! It’s as easy as typing in “songs every bellydancer should know”. You’ll find plenty of teachers and bloggers who have very helpfully shared their essential bellydance playlist.

In today’s blog post I’m giving you my very own Top 10 Songs Every Bellydancer Should Know.

One thing to say before you read on – there are dozens and dozens of songs that could have made it onto the list! There is plenty of music that I don’t know and every teacher will make different choices about what to include on this kind of list. But I think that’s a good thing!

My list below is meant as a starting point to get you off the ground. I’ve linked the songs to youtube to help you track them down( then I urge you to purchase them). In no particular order:

1. Shik Shak Shok by Hassan Abou Seoud

2. Habibi Ya Eini by George Yazbek, popular modern version sung by Nourhane

3. Enta Omri by Mohammed Abdel Wahab famously sung by Om Khalthoum (the Hossam Ramzy version part 3 that we used in some classes)

4. Zeina by Mohammed Abdel Wahab

5. West Naima by Hossam Ramzy

6. Alf Leyla Wa Leyla by Baligh Hamdi sung by Om Khalthoum (Cairo Orchestra version)

7. Bint El Sultan by Ahmed Adaweyya

8. Ah Ya Zein by Mohamed Abdel Wahab (modern version)

9. Akhasmak Ah sung by Nancy Ajram

10. Ana Fintizarek by Zakaria Ahmed sung by Om Khalsoum (Hossam Ramzy version)

So there you have it! I wish you happy listening this Summer as you take a break from regular classes.

Thank you for reading, I really appreciate you taking them time to check out my top 10.

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Love and shimmies,

Helen xx

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