100 hip drops bellydance challenge! Can you keep up?


Happy New Year! Welcome to my first blog post of 2018, thank you so much for being here.

Do you find January a tough month? I know how you feel, the idea of hibernating under a blanket in front of the TV with a nice cuppa and a biscuit has its appeal.

That’s why I always think that one of the best things about learning bellydance is being in a group of awesome people – it’s not a lone sport! If anything can get me (willingly) out of the house in January it’s the chance to teach a group of funny and fabulous people and dance together. Yes, I believe that bellydance classes can help us through what can otherwise be a grueling month.

So in this tutorial, I invite you to join me and some of our gorgeous students for my “Helen’s 100s” drill. A short, sweet, super simple drill that only lasts 2 minutes. 100 hips drops on each hip – deep breath, let’s go!

Imagine if you did this once a day for a week, that would be 1400 hip drops!

Would you like to join us for more bellydance drills, technique and choreography? Our Winter 2018 term starts next week! I’m blessed to have a cracking team of talented, creative coaches and between us we offer courses from beginner to advanced levels. Visit our classes page to find the right course for you and book your place.

Would you like to rise to the top of the class? Or do you live to far away to join our live classes? Well, I have great news for you! I’m embracing the spirit of January sales and offering you a whole month of full access to Santa Maria Bellydance Online for half price!

That means you can take drills, technique, movement and choreography classes with me anytime you have internet connection for a bargainous £7.50 for a whole month when you join up for a monthly subscription in January 2018. Just enter the voucher code SHIMMY2018 to get your first months discount.

Thanks for joining me again for another blog episode, happy dancing 🙂

Love and shimmies,

Helen xx


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