10 Songs Every Belly Dancer Should Know – Part II


I’m back again with part 2 of 10 songs every bellydancer should know.

(Missed the top 10 part 1? Check it out here)

Once you get further into the bellydance world, you’ll start to hear more experienced dancers reeling off song titles. That’s because there are certain, epic, songs that us bellydancers just HAVE to know!

It needn’t be bamboozling though. My tip is to start with one major artist, for example Om Khalthoum, and listen to their most well known tracks.

That way you’ll start to get a real feel for their style. Take your time to find what you like.

(My other tip is don’t be put off by the epic length of some of the songs! 😮 It’s a whole new world, think of how long the songs are in an opera.)

It’s been almost impossible for me to narrow down the list, there are so many amazing songs out there! But I’ve finally managed to choose my faves and I’ve even added a link to where you can find an example of an arrangement of the song (you’re welcome 😉).

Bear in mind that there are many different arrangements of most of these songs. Dancers often have their own preferred version, and you will too, undoubtedly 😊

  1. Leylet Hob, Om Khalthoum
  2. Lessa Fakir, Om Khalthoum (the link is to a video of Soheir Zaki performing it)
  3. Mashaal, Mokhtar al Said
  4. Salaam Allay, traditional Egyptian folk song
  5. Ansak, Om Khalthoum
  6. Bitwanes Beek, Warda (I’m going to dance this one day once I get the courage!)
  7. Taht El Shibak, (the singer Fatme Serhan helped make this a classic for bellydancers. But I just love this video with Taheyya Carioca)

  8. Ganal Howa, Abdel Halim Hafiz (you will just live this video!)
  9. Akdeb Alek, Warda
  10. El Hob Kollo, Om Khalthoum (this is my favorite Om Khalthoum song)

So go out there, find the versions and styles that you like out of this rich list of belly dance beauties and get dancing! In the bathroom, in the garden, in the hallway – wherever you like!

I hope I’ve bought a little bit of inspiration into your dance life for today ⭐🎁.

Until next time, love and shimmies,

Helen xxx

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