Top tip for belly dance choreography

Tips and help for choreographing a belly dance routine

Choreographing your own belly dance routine? Don’t reinvent the Wheel

You’ve made your first belly dance choreography – woo hoo! This is awesome and you deserve credit for challenging yourself to create your very own dance.

In the first instance, it’s all about learning to count the music, which moves configure together well and how to transition between moves and sequences. At this stage, you probably want to stick to a track that can easily be counted in eights with few or no rhythm changes.

Once you’ve got this all locked down, it’s time to move on to the next step and expand on your creative methods.

In this week’s express class, I’m really “giving away the farm” as I’ll be giving you one of my top tips for belly dance choreography. I’ll then be giving you a really use-able example of what I’m getting at.

It’s so tempting to throw in every single move you’ve ever learned into one routine. But one thing that will really develop your creativity and help you mature as a choreographer is to be playful and creative with what you already know.

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Your assignment

Dance this concept along with me several times until you have a good understanding of this idea, then get creative! Try changing the move a few times to see what happens. There are no wrong moves, just experimentation. Some of the outcomes might not work for you, some might work really well, some might not work but will spark off other ideas that you would never have discovered!

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