Interview With Serena Ramzy Part 1: Costuming Philosophy & Practice Routines

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Raise your hand if you’re interested in costuming and make up tips from a global superstar.

I’m literally waving both hands in the air and if you are too then you’re going to love this week’s blog post.

I had the pleasure of chatting to Serena Ramzy last week about costumes, make up, practice routines, motherhood, overcoming choreographer’s block, her most treasured dance memories, how to prepare to dance to a live band and a whole load more.

I knew Serena was generous with her knowledge but I was still delighted when she opened up about her life as a top international performer and teacher.

We talked about so much that it turned out to be too much to put in one video!

So here is part one: costuming philosophy and practice routines. Now grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy!

Thank you to everyone who sent in their questions for Serena, I did my best to get through as many as I could in the time we had.

I’d love to know, in particular, what you took away from Serena’s personal approach to costuming. Do you struggle to find the right costume? How do go about choosing what to wear to perform? Be sure to comment on the blog below (we should have the security issue fixed now!) or on youtube.

Stay tuned as next time we’ll be talking about more hot topics, including how Serena manages to balance motherhood with her dance career as well as how to prepare to dance with a live band – you don’t want to miss it so be sure you’re signed up to my mailing list!

Thanks for reading and watching,

Hugs and hipdrops,
Helen xx

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  1. I did wonder if you’d mention the stick-on brows. I wish I knew what I’d done with mine, they were amazing! Great video, lovely to listen in to your girly chat. Looking forward to part 2 xxx

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