Intermediate/Advanced Bellydance Course


Intermediate/Advanced Course – Reading

Day: Course starts 23rd April, last class on 2nd July. *No class on half term 28th May.
Time: 8.30-9.30pm
Venue:Kendrick School Dance Studio, 41-43 London Road Reading England RG1 5BN (the entrance is on East Street). Please scroll down for info on parking.
Curriculum:  Learn a stunning Lebanese pop routine complete with an enticing veil intro! Sandy is known for her cheeky choreographies which are always packed with oodles of personality. This course is a great way to bring out your performance skills and stage persona. All class members are invited to perform the routine at our end of term Summer Spectacular on Sunday 7th July at Loddon Hall in Twyford.
Coach: Sandy






Course fee *: 10 week course fee £95.50


* Please note bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable regardless of student circumstances, e.g. holiday and illness. Thank you for understanding.

Please be sure to check out these Ts and Cs, including our covid-safety measures, before you book.

Where is Kendrick School dance studio?
The studio is in Kendrick School Sports centre which is on East Street off London Road, RG1 5BN (see map attached). If you turn right just after The Turks pub on London Road (this is East St.) and go about 30 yards down the road you will find the sports centre on your right. There is a buzzer entry system and the receptionist will let you in.
The dance studio is upstairs on the right. It’s helpful if you can leave any big bags etc. in the boxed just outside the studio so we can keep the floor area as clear as possible.
Where can I park?
There are a couple of car parking options available, plus there is two hour parking along Kendrick Road which is a short walk away. 
1. Some parking is available in the Cedars car park on London Rd (left hand cross on the map). The Cedars car park is situated just before the Turks pub. If you are driving along London road, you go past one set of traffic lights (and have the main entrance Kendrick School on your right) continue past the second set of lights by the dentist and then turn right (crossing the bus lane) into the car park in front of the school building that is called Cedars. It’s an open car park with no gate or buzzer. If you are coming down Kendrick Road you will go across the lanes to turn right into the car park. You will then have to walk around to enter Kendrick School via East Street.  
2. Some parking is available in the Sports centre car park on East Street, it’s a buzzer entry system. Though this is the smallest car park so it’s probably best to try the Cedars one first.