Thank you! (and something else)

There are some things that sound so much better when you say them out loud, and in this week’s short sweet post I have a message for you in this video as well as a question.

I absolutely love to write and film tips and advice about bellydance, so I’m in the process of trying to improve the video and audio quality of my tutorials. I hope that this makes them more fun to watch and easier to follow 🙂

Click here or on the video to check out my lil note …


Thanks for reading, til next time,

Love and shimmies,

Helen xx

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2 thoughts on “Thank you! (and something else)

  1. I dance with a friend, just 2 of us so duets. Is there any do’s or don’ts in putting a choreo together? we find the music, we know a lot of moves, would class ourselves as properly intermediates but find it soo difficult to put pen to paper so it looks interesting and to flow and look right and entertaining. Any tips plz xx Love your tutorials by the way. x

    1. Hi Rose, thank you for your question! How cool that you and your friend dance together, it sounds awesome. I’ve had a few questions recently about duets so I’ll get thinking about how to help you out. Thanks for watching the tutorials! 🙂

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