Say goodbye to clunky arm transitions and hello to poised coordination

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Hey there!

Have you ever had one of those “hallelujah” moments where a teacher gives you a nugget of dance wisdom? Something clicks, the penny drops and you feel that you’ve been nudged a little further along.

It’s not a particular move or technique but a way doing something which informs your dance overall.

As a dance student I live for those moments.

Back when I was a teenager learning ballroom dancing (sporting 3 inch heels and enough rhinestones to bling up a house) my teacher dropped a concept into his teaching that struck such a chord with me that I still use it in my bellydancing and teaching today (with a few of my own modifications to make it fully pertinant to bellydance).

On that note I’d like to say thank you to my former teacher, Bruce Lait, for his many pearls of wisdom that’s formed my personal “dance tapestry”.

If you’re a fellow fan of “dance pearls of wisdom” then dig in to this week’s tutorial to get coaching from me on how to say goodbye to clunky arm transitions and hello to poised, coordinated arms.

I’d love to know, what dance pearls of wisdom have struck a chord with you? What gave you a “hallelujah” moment most recently and who was it from? Leave a comment and take the opportunity to say “thanks teach!”.

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Thank you for reading,

Hugs and shimmies,

Helen xx

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4 thoughts on “Say goodbye to clunky arm transitions and hello to poised coordination

  1. my Hallelulah moment was this term, thanks Helen. It was when performing a common move, ie hip 8’s to a count of eight then changing the accent on say count 3 or 5, this was jaw droppingly simple to me but so effective in making a simple move so much more interesting, and also learning the double hip drop backward step move – love it! Thanks ever so much, a truly inspiring ‘penny dropping’ term

  2. Thanks again for another interesting subject. I struggled for a long while with my arms being so focused on the steps and neglecting my arms. Until once i did an arms workshop at Raqs Britannia – a whole 2 hours of arms, argh!! And remember learning that i need a little bit of tension right down to the hands and fingers to avoid the hands looking like dead fish! And its sooo true. So i try and ise this in my own dancing 🙂

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