How I quit my day job to go pro

How to quit your day job

Wow, it’s been a whlie since I got busy with a new blog post and I’m sooooo happy to be writing and filming for the first time this year.

I didn’t intend on having an extended break from my blog but I’m happy to say that we are expecting another addition to our family this Summer and I’ve had two months of grotty old morning sickness! It slowed me up a bit but, happily, I’m feeling a bit better now so things are getting back to normal 🙂

Today I want to talk to you about going pro. Now, whether or not ditching your day job to be a full-time bellydancer is one of your dance dreams, I think you’ll enjoy this week’s video.

In today’s blog I’ll give you the checklist of things I did (and didn’t do) which, I believe, gave me a fighting chance of fulfilling my dream to bellydance full time.

(and no, I didn’t have someone at home paying the bills)

I’ll tell you now, some of these will not be what you expect!

Dive in now and hear how I managed to go from clueless to clued up, quit my day job and go pro:

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Thanks for reading, see you next time

With love and shimmies,
Helen x

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